President’s Message

Hayley Bryant, President

I love being a part of the North Gulf Coast Chapter of CAI, and it is my honor to serve as your 2023 Chapter President.  My journey with CAI has been a rewarding one.  I first joined back in 2014 as a Manager Member, allowing me to network with other CAMs, Business Partners, and Homeowner Volunteer Leaders.  Since that time, my career enjoyed an interesting shift that allows me to work with many of the same people in a different role.  I work at Community Bank and am currently serving my third year of a 3-year term on the board as a Business Partner.

As someone passionate about all things CAI, it has been a pleasure working alongside our active members and committee volunteers.  I’ve seen some amazing new initiatives launched, and I hope to be a part of more.  We’ve had plenty of changes during my time on the board, and we are now on the fourth executive director since I joined in 2020.  I sincerely hope that we can create some consistency by keeping Summer Ellwood as our acting Director for many years ahead.  I appeal to you to support the Director, support the group, and support each other individually.  Be a mentor, join a committee, and find something that brings joy to your workday.

Our chapter is constantly looking for ways to reach more CAMs and Homeowners to spread the word about what we do for our communities.  Invite someone to join our next event, and just maybe it will improve their lives and our chapter.

Best Wishes,